Value Oriented Misson of Romsteel Bearing GmbH & Co. KG

Global acting distributor and service partner for steel products, refractory materials and bearings

We are taking care for:
the supply of Romanian industrial companies with steel products which they need for manufacturing their products


the supply of bearing from Romanian producers to western european stockholders (which are delivering the bearings further on to industrial customers for various applications)


the technical and commercial representation and advising of German refractory producers for sales and service of their products to Romanian steel mills.

We are impementing this by:

taking care for a economic organisation of the company which can work profitably at any time by a flexible adjustment to different market situations.
For that we have taken care by:

a reliable and trustworthy network of flexible colleagues and external service providers

a permanently available documentation of workflows and organisation and of the running business

being in a permanent dialog with all partners of our inner business circle, i.e. with the most important customers and suppliers, colleagues in Germany and Romania, banks, insurance companies, forwarders, financial and juristical advisers, to combine their interests with our company interest in the best and substantial way.
The dialog is respectful, personal and continously and creating confidence, understanding and a solid basis for the presence and future of our company

supporting our Romanian customers by our profounded knowledge of material and availabiblity and by offering the most efficient solution for their request

by enabling the producers of refractory materials which we are representing in Romania, to effect the market entry in Romania in an economic and risk limited way. We do that by providing our detailed knowledge and long-term experience in the Romanian market.
For this target we have engaged qualified collegues to our Romanian team who are providing the necessary special technical and metallurgical knowledges as well as the cooperation with the steel mills

We are taking care for quick infomation on the facts, but also for respecting the local romanian conventions, and are supporting that (i.e. the understanding if the Romanian mentality) by common trips to the Romanian customers.

being concentrated and withstanding to stress, giving each partner the feeling, to be engaged, informed and well organized at his disposal

showing our partners our intention of collaboration and substantial orientation to the future with the target of concluding long term contracts

honouring verbal agreements at each time

providing suitable infomation to the companies represented by us also in case of order handling and claims

trying at each time to generate new customers in a active, serious and systematic way

watching permanently the Romanian market to be able to react adequately to developments

With these measures we are facilitating our Romanian industrial clients as well as our suppliers a contractual and economical production and delivery of their products and, subsequently, the creation of profit and jobs.